27.5KW Commercial Solar System

27.5KW Commercial Solar System ADD:Thailand

Solar inverter:HIP-5548*5  Solar panel:MS-550W*50  LiFePO4 Battery:ES-15.36L*5

10KWH Solar Energy System

In Thailand, solar energy systems are increasingly used, especially in remote areas or places without access to the grid. Thai friend chai is an installer in Thailand. He recently installed a set of 48V 27.5KW photovoltaic off-grid system of Suness, with an output voltage of 220V, which meets the local electricity demand. This system mainly consists of 5 PCS 5500W Solar Inverters (the model It is HIP5548), 50 pieces of 550W half-cut Solar panels (including model MS-550W), 5 PCS Lithium Battery (including model ES-15.36L).

The main purpose of this solar system is to provide electricity to a village in northern Thailand. Due to the lack of electricity in the area, villagers often need to use generators to meet their daily electricity needs, which not only brings noise and pollution, but also costs a lot of fuel. Therefore, the installation of this solar system will bring many benefits to the local residents.

The system consists of 50 PCS 550W half-cut Solar panels, which use high-efficiency half-cut technology to generate power even in low-light conditions. These solar panels are installed on rooftops and on the ground around the village to maximize the available solar resources. In addition, the system also includes 5PCS 5500W Solar Inverters, which can convert the direct current generated by the solar panels into alternating current for use in the village. At the same time, 5 PCS Lithium Batteries are also installed in the system to store the excess power generated by the solar panels, so as to provide power at night or when there is insufficient sunlight. With this solar system, villages can now get enough electricity to meet their daily electricity needs. This not only reduces dependence on generators, but also reduces energy costs and environmental pollution. In addition, the system can provide villages with reliable backup power in case of sudden power outages or other emergencies. 

27.5KWH Commercial Solar System

In summary, the solar system has brought many benefits to the villages in northern Thailand, not only providing reliable electricity, but also reducing energy costs and environmental pollution. With the further development of solar technology and the reduction of cost, it is believed that this clean energy will be more widely used in Thailand and around the world.

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