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InterSolution 2024-SUNESS

Jan. 19, 2024

InterSolution is a solar energy trade exhibition ranked by the Benelux Alliance. Industry stakeholders in the European region are increasingly interested in solar power generation with strong policy support from various countries, and more and more investments are entering the field of solar power generation and energy storage solutions. In the coming decades, solar energy will become one of the main energy sources in Belgium. The exhibition attracted over 110 companies from China, the United States, France, Germany, South Korea, Singapore, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Australia and other countries and regions to participate in the exhibition. As many as 5848 exhibitors came to visit and negotiate, an increase of two times compared to last year.


In Europe, the number of large solar roofs and solar parks is constantly increasing. Energy storage systems will increasingly be used to alleviate the burden on the power grid and reduce dependence on it. In the Belgian household energy storage market with unlimited potential, we have introduced the new portable EV-2.56N lithium battery, which has unique advantages over large batteries: low self discharge rate and fast charging and discharging. This allows it to support fast charging and high-power discharge, while also maintaining a relatively high state of charge when not in use for a long time. maintaining a relatively high state of charge when not in use for a long time.


The SUN5000 inverter and lithium battery integrated system solution adopts a modular design, making installation and expansion very convenient, providing home users with a more convenient and worry free electricity experience. In addition, our products have undergone numerous professional certifications such as CE/MSDS/UN38.3/ROHS, fully ensuring the safety of home energy storage systems. This solution aims to meet the diverse electricity needs of American households, making the combination of solar power generation and energy storage easier to achieve.


Our iTower HV series products also adopt a convenient plug and play design, providing a wide range of choices, including a voltage range of 100-500V and a battery capacity of 5-25kWh. The iTower LV series also has a super large capacity of 40kWh. This allows customers to easily customize according to their specific needs and meet the energy storage requirements of different scenarios. In addition, this series of products has an advanced protection level of IP65, allowing them to be safely placed outdoors and saving indoor space. Most importantly, users can monitor system performance in real-time through mobile applications, perform remote diagnosis and upgrades, ensure that the system is always in optimal condition, and provide reliable energy storage solutions.

And we only need $772 but have a ten-year warranty. With over 8000 inquiries for EV-5.12N, EV-10.24N, and EV-15.36N, they are also very popular. Recently, our customers have chosen ten parallel large capacity units.


During the exhibition, we not only brought cutting-edge solar products and technologies, but also carefully planned a series of exciting interactive activities for visitors and experts. Inviting well-known experts in the industry to share their rich experience and unique insights in the field of solar energy with everyone. These activities aim to present you with the latest insights and innovative technologies in the solar energy industry, as well as provide a unique learning and exchange opportunity. At the same time, to express our gratitude, we have also prepared exquisite gifts.

This exhibition provides us with an opportunity to showcase our latest products and technologies, share our ideas with industry peers, and gain a deeper understanding of innovation and development in the solar energy field, jointly promoting the development of the solar energy industry and contributing to the future of clean energy. Please continue to follow our upcoming exhibition information, as we will bring more exciting products and exciting activities. Thank you for your attention and support!


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