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MP4880 48V|80A|MPPT

MAX. Outpot Current80A
MAX. PV Charging155V
System voltage48V
MPPT efficiency98%
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Net Weight [Kg]3.1


MP Series

Advanced dual or multi-peak tracking technology

Conversion efficiency≤98%

Load Rated Current 25A

3-stage charging (MPPT charging, boost charging, floating charging)

RS232/485 Communication

Supports capacitive load instantaneous high current start

Load Overcurrent/Short Circuit Protection/Over temperature protection

PV/BAT anti-reverse connection protection

TVS Lightning Protection

Supports the parallel use of multiple controllers


Maximum PV Voltage(VOC)155V
System Voltage12V/24V/48V auto;36V set
MPPT Voltage RangeBattery voltage+3V-120V
Suggest Input VOC VoltagePV array open circuit voltage 22V/40V/60V/80V for system 12V/24V/36V/48V
Number Of MPPT Trackers1
Max.Output Current(revisable)80A                                          100A
Rated Load Current25A
Max.Capacitive Load Capacity10000uF
Ripper Voltage<0.5%
Applicable Battery Type
(ex-factory default lead-acid battery)
SLD (sealed lead-acid battery)/GEL(gelled lead-acid battery)/
FLD(flooded lead-acid battery)/LFP(lithium iron phosphate
battery),NCM(ternary lithium battery)/USE(customize)
MPPT Efficiency>99%
Protect function Input highvoltage protection ,output high/low voltage protection,
PV/BAT anti-reverse connection protection, load over current
protection,load short circuit protection, overtemperature
protection, etc.
Unloaded Loss≤2.3W
Net Weight (kgs)3.1kg
Elevation Height0% to 95%(No condensat)
Cooling ConceptFan
IP RateIP 20
Communication InterfaceRS232(Extensible interface)

MP4880 Detail

MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) V S  PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) are two charge control techniques commonly used in solar battery charging systems. 

The difference: MPPT is an intelligent battery charging control technology that continuously adjusts the battery charging voltage and current so that the solar array can provide the maximum power output under any conditions. And PWM is a simple charging control technology, which fixedly adjusts the output voltage of the photovoltaic cell array to match the charging voltage of the battery. 

MPPT technology can track the maximum power point on the photoelectric conversion curve of solar cells in real time to ensure that the maximum power output by the photovoltaic cell group is extracted and transmitted to the battery. The PWM technology can only convert the power of the photovoltaic cell into the charging power of the battery fixedly, and cannot dynamically track the maximum power point. 

Advantages of MPPT: 

Maximum power extraction: MPPT technology can adjust battery charging voltage and current in real time according to parameters such as light conditions and temperature to achieve maximum power extraction. In this way, the power generation efficiency of the photovoltaic cell group can be improved to the greatest extent, so that the solar cell group can achieve the best power generation effect under different light intensities. 

Strong adaptability: MPPT technology can automatically adjust the voltage and current of battery charging according to the actual parameters of the solar battery pack, and adapt to different types and capacities of battery packs. This makes the MPPT controller more widely applicable and can be used to charge different brands and types of battery packs. 

Efficient charging: Since MPPT technology can track to the maximum power point, it can ensure that the maximum power output by the photovoltaic battery pack is extracted, thereby improving the charging efficiency of the solar battery pack. In contrast, PWM technology has relatively low charging efficiency because it cannot track the maximum power point. In short, compared with PWM technology, MPPT technology has higher charging efficiency and adaptability in the solar battery charging system, and can extract the maximum power of the photovoltaic battery pack, thereby improving the energy utilization rate of the entire system.

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