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iRack-HVM 215KWH A+ grade | 768V 280AH | Lithium Battery

ModeliRack-HVM 215
Total Energy [kWh]215.04KWH
Capacity [Ah]280
Nominal Voltage [V]768V
Voltage Range [M]672V-864V
MAX.Charge & Discharge
Net Weight [Kg]1950




Highly compatible BMS with Smart Screen for viewing battery data on PC.with Smart Screen for viewing


Metal shell, can be stacked to use not easy to damage, more than 10 years

Can be customized to fit 12pcs batteries


Home energy storage systems, industrialand commercial energy storage systems


 ModelsiRack-HVM 107iRack-HVM 215
 Cell TypeLFPLFP
 Total Energy107.52kWh215.04kWh
 Number of Modules612
 Nominal Capacity280Ah280Ah
 Nominal Voltage384V768V
 Operating Voltage Range336Vdc-432Vdc672Vdc-864Vdc
 Battery Max Continuous Charge/Discharge Power53.76kW107.52kW
 Dimension [W x D x H]550*1000*18651080*1000*1865
 Net Weight1055kg1950kg
 Max. Charge Current140A
 Max. Discharge Current140A
 Enclosure Protection RatingIP20
 Charging Temp Range0℃-55℃
 Discharging Temp Range-10℃-55℃
 Working Humidity5%-95%
 Cycle Life≥8.000 Cycle@ 80% DOD/25℃/0.5C,60%EOL
 Communicated InverterDeye / MEGAREVO / GOODWE / ATESS / SINEXCEL
 CertificationIEC62619,UL1973 ,UN38.3,CE

iRack-HVM 215 Detial

Experience unmatched power and reliability with HVM 215KWh high-voltage energy storage solution. Ideal for demanding applications, it operates seamlessly within a versatile 672V-864V output range. Enhanced with advanced temperature management and WiFi connectivity, it ensures optimal performance and convenience.

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Suness Service Detail

We lead in energy storage system solutions. With a proven track record in designing and delivering high-performance energy storage systems, we combine cutting-edge technology with rigorous quality standards. Our commitment to excellence is backed by industry certifications and a strong focus on customer satisfaction.

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Backed by robust manufacturing capabilities and extensive participation in international solar energy expos, we specialize in the research and production of cutting-edge photovoltaic energy storage solutions. Our advanced manufacturing facilities ensure the production of efficient and reliable energy storage systems. With a global network for sales and service, we deliver exceptional support and service experiences to our customers.

Through our presence at international solar energy expos, we continuously showcase technological innovations and product superiority, establishing leadership in the industry. Our products not only excel in performance but also hold multiple international certifications such as IEC and UL, ensuring safety and reliability.

We are committed to providing comprehensive energy solutions that support our customers' success in energy transition and sustainable development. Wherever you are, we offer tailored solutions that meet your specific needs, backed by superior product quality and professional service.

Choose us as your trusted energy partner and together, let's pave the way towards a cleaner energy future.

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