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SUNESS EIF 2023 - Energy Is Future

Nov. 16, 2023

EIF 2023 - Energy Is Future in turkey is an important exhibition dedicated to becoming a leading enterprise in electricity, solar photovoltaics and new energy. As an important energy exhibition in the Middle East, it is held regularly at Istanbul IFM Expo Center, Turkey. The exhibition's venue area reaches 20,000 square meters, making it one of the largest solar photovoltaic exhibitions in the region.


The exhibition's main exhibits cover a variety of solar photovoltaic products and equipment. These include photovoltaic modules and components, off-grid photovoltaic systems and photovoltaic transmission and distribution equipment. In addition, photovoltaic power supplies/batteries, controllers, inverters and solar power system equipment are included. In order to meet the energy storage needs of new energy, the exhibition also showcased various energy storage systems and other products. The rich diversity of these exhibits gives visitors the opportunity to learn about the latest solar photovoltaic technologies and solutions.



The Turkish Photovoltaic Exhibition attracts exhibitors and professional visitors from all over the world. They include experts, suppliers, manufacturers and service providers in the field of solar energy. Through the exhibition, exhibitors have the opportunity to showcase their innovative products and technologies and establish business contacts with potential customers. At the same time, professional visitors can also learn about the latest industry trends and technological developments by visiting the exhibition.


We at Youess also bring representative cutting-edge technology products, including EV series lithium batteries and SUN5000's spit ALL in One system

EV Series LiFePO4 Battery

48V 300ah Storage LiFePO4 Battery

95% DOD with More Usable Capacity

10 Year Warranty

>8000 cycles Reliable Performance

Compatible with most of available solar inverters

Support CAN&RS485 Communication

Floor or wall mounting

safety and reliability

SUN 5000 Series Spilt ALL in One Solar System


LCD screen with real-time data

High quality lithium iron phosphate cells

Multiple charge and discharge modes available

Up to 3 batteries in parallel expand to 15.36kWh

Built-in BMS and MPPT solar charge controller

No matching and commissioning required,ready to install

The exhibition's achievements over the years can be described as glorious. It has injected new vitality into the power energy industry in Turkey and across the Middle East. The exhibition promotes the rapid development of Turkey's solar photovoltaic industry and opens up new opportunities for renewable energy projects in the region. At the same time, the exhibition also provides an extensive communication platform for domestic and foreign enterprises and promotes cooperation and exchanges. Through the exhibition, exhibitors and professional visitors have the opportunity to share knowledge, experience and best practices to promote innovation in solar photovoltaic technology and applications.spilt all in one solar system

As a leading company in new energy, we will continue to pay attention to the Saudi Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition and related industry trends to provide readers with timely and accurate information. I believe that through such exhibitions, the solar photovoltaic industry will usher in a brighter future in Turkey and the entire Middle East.

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