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The Solar Show Philippines 2024-SUNESS

May. 22, 2024

On May 20, 2024, the grand opening of the two-day Solar & Storage Live Philippines 2024 exhibition took place.


The Philippines, an archipelagic country blessed with abundant sunshine yet plagued by erratic electricity, faces considerable challenges because of its numerous islands and scattered geographical locations which complicates conventional electricity distribution. As a professional provider of comprehensive solutions for solar energy storage, we have carefully assessed these market intricacies, and crafted core energy storage solutions targeted specifically for the main sectors of household and commercial use in the Philippines.


In our strategic approach, we tackle the energy dilemma in the Philippines by integrating the country's ample solar resources with our cutting-edge solar storage technology. This provides households and businesses a flexible and dependable energy source. Whether it's for household chores or commercial operations, our solutions ensure a steady supply of electricity and optimize energy efficiency at all times.


SUNESS Exhibition Complete Video

This time, the innovative achievements of Yongquanyuan Energy Storage, including the high-voltage rack iRack-HVS and portable AWE-3YBS, have become highlights of the exhibition, highlighting our technical team's deep accumulation and innovative ability in core energy storage technology. Has aroused the interest of a large number of exhibitors, stopping to seek answers and personally experiencing.


The AWE-3YBS3.7V portable energy storage has two capacity models of 500Wh/1200Wh, which is currently one of the most suitable products for the general public in the outdoor power supply category. With a simple design, reasonable performance, and affordable price, we deeply solve the pain points of affordable user groups, providing them with an ideal product that is both efficient, portable, and affordable. In terms of fast charging, it takes no more than an hour to fully charge, greatly reducing the preparation time before traveling, and helping outdoor power products evolve towards a more direct and efficient direction.


AWE-3YBS Protable Battery

The  iRack-HVS high-voltage rack battery cluster adopts a modular design, with a single module capacity of up to 5kWh and a maximum capacity of 61.44kWh per rack! Satisfying various industrial and commercial scenarios, it is a powerful assistant for small businesses. After simulation and practical testing, the thermal management technology has been improved to control the temperature rise of the battery system at<5 ° C. Through 28 safety and reliability tests and 500 performance tests, the product has been ensured to be safe and reliable.Not only that, it can also monitor and maintain online 24/7, support web and app configuration, remote upgrade and real-time data viewing, and stay up-to-date with the latest updates of the battery system at any time. According to the number of battery clusters, it is designed to stack cabinets with pulleys and racks.


 iRack-HVS high-voltage rack battery

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