why should you need buy a household battery?

Sep. 21, 2023

Batteries are a direct supplement to solar systems and bring significant benefits. Nowadays, many people install solar energy, but may not have batteries. If you already have batteries, you can use this article to see some unexpected benefits that expanding the capacity of household batteries may bring to you.

1) Using solar energy after sunset: Home energy storage systems store excess solar energy for nighttime use; This means that you can use the "free" solar energy generated during the day to charge the battery. At night, you don't get it from the power grid, but use the energy stored in the battery.The biggest challenge facing Australia in achieving a fully renewable power grid is to overcome the peak demand in the evening, as the sun sets and everyone  returns home and turns everything on. Batteries consume some of your daytime solar power and use it to reduce this peak demand, helping us achieve 100% renewable energy on the grid. Therefore, we need to add or increase more solar energy capacity to help us weather through winter and bad weather, and pairing it with batteries will bring maximum environmental benefits to it.


2) Benefiting from time of use tariffs: Time of use (ToU) tariffs are becoming increasingly popular (and may even become mandatory).These tariffs charge high fees per kilowatt hour when grid demand reaches its peak in the late afternoon and evening (such as 4pm to 9pm). By using household batteries, you will import less energy from the grid and pay less electricity bills to power retailers every quarter.If you don't have batteries, the time sharing tariff may greatly increase your bill. However, appropriately sized batteries with sufficient solar panels can provide you with electricity during these peak periods, so you can avoid most or all of the peak prices.  Then, if you have to extract from the grid, you can enjoy off peak pricing later in the evening. Some battery systems are intelligent enough to supplement off peak grid power in meaningful places. For example, if it appears that there is not enough sunlight to charge the next day.

3) Backup: Some (but not all) batteries will also backup important circuits in your home. Wild weather is becoming increasingly common, and 'once in a century events' seem to occur every year, with Australians losing power more frequently. People living in areas prone to power outages value backup batteries. Properly designed and installed solar energy and batteries are a great way to protect your family from power outages. Also, when you are the only house on the street with lights on and beer cold, it feels great.停电.png

4) Join a virtual power plant: Having batteries allows you to join the virtual network of other battery owners. When the power grid needs support, you can use your combined capacity to support the power grid through charging and discharging. This will help integrate more renewable energy into Australia's power grid, and you can also earn rewards through continuous assistance.If you are using a time-of-use electricity plan, you can completely avoid the usually very expensive late peak tariff period. If your tariffs have an expensive early peak, they can also avoid this situation - sometimes wisely charging cheap energy after around 1am.With a sufficiently large solar and battery system, you may no longer be paying for electricity bills, as grid imports and solar exports only require payment for your daily service fees.If you are part of a virtual power plant (VPP), your battery also supports the grid and earns points for this (which can be considered an additional grid price).

But what's the problem with all of this?

Virtual Power Plant

Most states also have virtual power plant solutions. If you have registered for VPP, you have handed over control of energy storage to the VPP operator. Two advantages of VPP: 1. You can obtain a pre discount on the battery system by agreeing to join VPP at the time of purchase. When the power grid requires support, you can receive a bonus for charging or discharging batteries. For certain VPPs, this may greatly improve battery economy. Two drawbacks of adding VPP: 1. The more household batteries are used, the shorter their lifespan. Tesla has recognized this and if you join a specific Tesla VPP, its warranty period will be extended by 5 years. 2 The stored energy is usually most valuable during late peak hours. VPP operators may force your battery to charge from the grid in the afternoon and discharge into the grid shortly after sunset, leaving you with little or no energy storage to spend the night.


Adequate solar cell storage costs fully cover your electricity bill, which is very high. The larger your bill, the larger the energy storage system you need.The amount of storage you need to purchase (in kilowatt hours) depends on your nighttime energy usage. A typical Australian household uses 20-24 kilowatt hours within 16 hours. For families who work from 9 to 5, 9%+of their electricity consumption is between sunset and sunrise.Therefore, to run your house through a battery system, I suggest a minimum size of 10 kWh. You also need at least 8 kW of solar panels to charge reliably throughout the year. In the best case, 10 kWh of storage will save you approximately $700 per year.

Some homeowners mistakenly believe that solar cell installation is a "one size fits all" situation, which is far from the truth - like solar energy, the cost of installing batteries may vary greatly due to several factors, such as:The distance between the battery and the distribution board (longer distance=more wiring=more expensive installation). How many backup circuits do you want? If you want to backup the circuits, are they all in the main distribution panel or on the daughter board at home? Do you need a new circuit breaker? If so, how many? Do you need bollards or fire-resistant backing to ensure compliant installation? Is your family single-phase or three-phase? Phase 3 installation quickly becomes complex, resulting in higher costs.The high price of solar cells makes people wonder if there is a suitable way to pay less for solar cells without affecting their quality. So don't miss the Sunness Super September promotion, solar energy is no longer a luxury! Seize the opportunity and participate in our promotion. In addition, there are several ways to obtain discounts on home battery systems.


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What type of backup do you want?

If you want to purchase a solar cell system, you should make full use of it. Ensure that it is installed and configured to back up some or all of your home content. However, be careful when requesting backups, as you may not be able to achieve the expected results. I have compiled a description of the "level" of household backup batteries to help you understand what to ask: requesting backups, as you may not be able to achieve the expected results. I have compiled a description of the "level" of household backup batteries to help you understand what to ask:Level 2- Provide fully functional backup during power outages. However, when the power grid is turned off, your battery cannot be charged from the solar system. If there is a power outage during the day when there is insufficient energy storage, it can be very annoying!Level 3- 'Apocalypse proof' backup. Complete battery function, you can charge the battery from the solar panel when the power grid is turned off.In my opinion, if you purchase an energy storage system, you would like it to provide a level 3 "Apocalypse proof" backup. Say to your installer, 'I hope my battery will be charged from my solar panel when the power grid is turned off.'. If your installation is difficult, in rare cases it may not be possible to perform a Level 3 backup.

Due to space limitations,if you have any questions about home energy storage, please consult,and we will provide you with detailed answers and assistance.

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