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EV-1.28N 12V 100AH | A+ Grade | Lithium Battery

Total Energy [kWh]1.28N
Capacity [Ah]100
Nominal Voltage [V]12.8
Voltage Range [M]12-14.4 V
MAX.Charge & Discharge
Net Weight [Kg]12



Efficient Storage: EV 12V Series uses Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries to efficiently store excess solar energy during the day, improving overall solar power usage.

Reliable Power Supply: Release stored energy at night or as needed, ensuring a dependable power supply for household appliances.

Peak Shaving: Supports peak shaving, smoothing out power demand, and optimizing solar power generation efficiency.

Dependable Performance: Deep discharge rate of up to 95% DOD, ensuring reliable performance with over 6000 cycles.

Flexible Configuration: Connect up to 4 batteries in series and 6 sets in parallel for adaptable energy storage.

Smart BMS: Equipped with a customized Battery Management System for intelligent charge and discharge management, ensuring safety.

Eco-Friendly: Utilizes green Lithium Iron Phosphate battery technology for longer life, aligning with environmental sustainability.


Total Energy [kWh]1.28
Capacity [Ah]100
Nominal Voltage [V]12.8
Voltage Range [V]10.5-14.4
MAX. Charge & Discharge
Current [A]
Net Weight [Kg]12
ScalableUP to 4 inseries and 6 in parallel
Enclosure Protection
Working Temperature
Cycle Life>6000 Cycle@80%DOD/25℃/0.3C,60%EOL
Warranty5 years

EV-1.28N Detial

High energy density: Lithium batteries have high energy density, allowing small 12V energy storage lithium batteries to store more electrical energy in a relatively small volume.

Deep Discharge: Lithium batteries support >90% DOD, providing greater usable capacity, making them suitable for applications requiring sustained power output.

12.8V 100AH lithium battery

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Long cycle life: Compared with other types of batteries, such as lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries generally have a longer cycle life and can withstand more than 6,000 charge and discharge cycles.

Fast charging: Lithium batteries support relatively fast charging speeds and provide rapid energy replenishment, which is very beneficial for scenarios that require rapid charging.

Low self-discharge rate: Lithium batteries have a relatively low self-discharge rate and can maintain high energy storage efficiency even when not used for a long time.

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